Vintage Sign Lights Not Just for Residential Lighting Applications

When your radar is tuned into vintage lighting as much as ours is — work hazard — you tend to spot vintage fixtures in all sorts of places. A vintage gooseneck on an old barn, a deep bowl stem mount pendant over your neighbor’s dining room table, or perhaps a vintage milk glass shade in a friend’s kitchen. True antique lights can be found in residential settings but not so often in commercial venues. Commercial lighting requirements often place a higher priority on quality and durable materials than on style and aesthetics. But a quick browse through our Vintage Sign Lighting collection and you’ll find plenty of options that offer both style and quality.

This chiropractor’s office chose some vintage emblem shades to get just the right angle of light on their front door and walkway. These lights resemble classic Benjamin® Emblem Sign Lights such as the 10″ Vintage Benjamin® that features the standard green porcelain exterior and the bright white porcelain interior to help reflect the light. This fixture comes with your choice of stem mounts ranging from 6″ to 48″ long and can handle up to a 200 watt bulb. The Benjamin® markings are visible around the exterior fitter.

Also found in our Vintage Sign Lighting group are Angle Shade Lights that include the Vintage Porcelain Enamel Clamshell Gas Station Light. These lights also come with the classic green porcelain exterior and six stem lengths to suit your space. The secret to these antique lights’ longevity lies in the porcelain enamel coating. Porcelain lighting was prevalent in this country back in the early 20th century but fell out of use when cheaper painting techniques came on the market. Only porcelain enamel has the strength and durability to stand up to sun, wind, rain and other elements long term making them an excellent choice for commercial lighting. Barn Light Electric is proud to be America’s only manufacturer of porcelain enamel lighting!

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  1. Doug McCullough

    Very Nice out door light How pricy are they?

  2. Rick T Coble

    Do you carry the adapter that hooks to the porcelain shade

  3. Coby Robbins

    I have about 100 or so of these porcelain explosion proof lights and was wondering if y’all would be interested in buying them

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