Vintage Ball Jar Pendants Genteel Touch in Kitchen Workspace

The open floor plan home design which came into vogue in the 1990s remains popular today for a host of reasons. An open plan makes a small home feel bigger with fewer walls and chopped up spaces, plus it takes advantage of natural light. Larger spaces tend to have multi-functional uses and allow for more interaction among the family. Lighting in this type of home becomes even more important because it can be seen from so many areas. An architect or interior designer strives to have a familial look among the fixtures as the eye travels from space to space. Instead of having one overall light to brighten each room, task lighting takes priority here such as the chandelier over the dining table and the vintage pendants over the island cook space.

These pendants are very similar to our Ball Jar Pendant, part of our collection of Vintage Industrial Lights. These lights are created with a standard wide mouth Mason jar with one socket and are hung by a black, 7-foot cord. The Ball Jar Pendant can be finished in a wide variety of colors for the perfect vintage upcycling touch.

Check out our entire collection of vintage lighting at our Vintage Barn Lighting website where you’ll find an amazing variety of the most popular antique lights. Our collection spans a wide range of styles and designs some dating back to the early 20th century. Some of these styles include porcelain warehouse shades, milk glass and holophane glass pendants, architectural brass lighting, and even vintage furniture and accessories.

Many of our vintage lighting styles were manufactured during the time when companies like Benjamin Electric and Appleton weren’t afraid to spend money on the best materials and the best craftsmanship. They wanted their products to last. The professionals at Barn Light Electric take the same approach. You know you’ll receive high quality materials and craftsmanship with every light you buy!

Top photo courtesy of Black River Design Architects

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