nautical bathroom lighting

Featured Customer | Nautical Wall Sconce Wows Guests

When Marjorie and her husband Michael began a guest bathroom renovation, they decided to buck the neighborhood trends and embrace their love of all things nautical.

“We live on the south shore of Long Island, about five miles from the beach. Every single house looks exactly the same with vinyl siding, the same fencing, and the same windows,” Marjorie says. “Everything about our home renovation goes against the grain. We are definitely ‘that house’ on the block!” Their home features many farmhouse elements such as white board-and-batten siding but with black details and nautical accents throughout.

gooseneck barn lights

Pro's Corner | Designer Chooses Quality of Barn Light Electric

For more than 20 years, designer Pamela Konen, of Konen Homes in Minnesota, has researched and specified lighting for her clients. When she discovered Barn Light Electric, the American manufacturer of vintage-inspired lighting quickly became her go-to source for quality fixtures built to last.

copper bowls and candles

Guest Blogger | How to Create Hygge with Lighting

Hygge, pronounced “hue-gah,” is the Danish concept of coziness, comfort, and simple pleasures. It’s the feeling you get when curling up with a good book next to a crackling fire, or sharing a delicious candlelit meal with loved ones, or slipping into a toasty sweater and socks on a chilly autumn night. And while hygge can be achieved in myriad ways, any Dane will tell you that one of the most important factors for creating a hyggelit environment is the right lighting.

flush mount lighting

How To | Create Living Spaces to Suit Your Style

You can tell much about a person’s style just by looking at their living room. Is it a cozy space filled with comfy furniture, soft pillows, and warm throws? Or is it a space with plenty of windows, soaring ceilings, and minimal furnishings? Whether your taste runs modern and minimal or more rustic industrial, how you light your space is key to creating the atmosphere you love.