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Porcelain Dinnerware Adds Old World Charm to Charleston Cafe

If you’re lucky enough to wander the streets of downtown Charleston, South Carolina, make sure your feet find Cannon Street. There you will discover a European-style, old world café right in the heart of the city. Marie and Edward, owners of Babas on Cannon, recently remodeled the small space where they pride themselves on serving classic espresso and fine apéro.

Sneak Peek | Barn Lights Going Up at Two NC Job Sites

Who doesn’t love a good reveal?! We so appreciate when customers share photos of their lighting projects as it brings full circle the process that starts in our manufacturing facility with a simple sheet of metal. Customer photos are a great inspiration for anyone in the planning stages of a project, and our Photo Gallery is chock full of pictures of both residential and commercial spaces that feature our American-made lighting.