Sconce Lighting That Bridges The Gap Between Vintage and Modern

Photo courtesy of Traditional Modern Lifestyle blog

When modern and country styles collide, this is the result – extremely cool. Bead board placed at chair rail height (about 4 feet from the ground) can be found in both newer and original country style homes. Its original purpose was to protect the walls from scrapes and dings made by chairs placed next to them – hence the ‘chair rail’ name. Today it serves as an aesthetic purpose in many beach, Victorian, or bungalow homes.

Combining modern faucet fixtures with an exposed porcelain sink doesn’t allow for much storage, but does allow for more floor space and keeps the room from feeling too boxed in. Vintage style subway tile takes on a new look by being placed vertically instead of the traditional horizontal way. Combing this with the vertical bead board lines, the natural vertical lines will tend to draw your eye upward and can also make the room feel taller.

Drawing our eyes upward, we take notice of two wall sconces placed on either side of the mirror. Similar to the Stillwater Bath Light at Barn Light Electric, this fixture ties its polished nickel finish into that of the towel rack, exposed plumbing, and faucet hardware below. Polished nickel is the most popular finish for those who wish to achieve a modern look, so naturally it was a great choice for this bathroom. Since the two wall sconces were placed so close to eye level, frosted glass was the best option. Frosted glass allows a much softer light to escape than that of bare bulbs or clear glass, and will not cause you to squint when turned on. This particular wall sconce is available in three shade sizes and numerous finish choices, however, to achieve this look in your own home, select the small shade option in polished nickel.

Product shown: The Stillwell Bath Light – Small, Polished Nickel finish. Prices start at $129.00 each.

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