barn light electric

Historic Growth Marks Barn Light Electric Birthday Celebration

How long does it take to launch a business? To grow from a fledgling idea at the dining room table to a major manufacturing facility with more than 100 employees?

For the owners of Barn Light Electric, the amazing ride started just 11 years ago. From the backyard barn where vintage lights were cleaned and rewired to a 60,000-square-foot building where hundreds of lights are shipped around the globe each day, Barn Light has experienced phenomenal growth since 2008.

metal spinning

Behind the Scenes | Metal Spinning Comes Naturally to Barn Light's Hand Spinner

Barn Light Electric‘s machine shop is where handcrafted barn lights and porcelain enamelware are born. Large sheets of metal are cut into flat disks then placed on a hand lathe. Our crew of talented metal spinners bend and shape each disk around a mold to create light shades, bowls, plates, and more. It’s difficult work that requires both strength and finesse, and lots of practice, to force the metal into the desired shape.

american made lighting

Celebrating American-Made Craftsmanship on Labor Day

As America celebrates Labor Day and the unofficial end of summer, Barn Light Electric is pausing to celebrate the incredible team of craftsmen and other professionals who not only make our lighting, furniture, and home decor goods, but who serve behind the scenes in sales, marketing, R&D, shipping, and accounting.