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We Have a Winner in our 2013 Barn Light Electric Remodel Challenge!

We had dozens of entries but at the conclusion of our 2013 Barn Light Electric Remodel Challenge on Pinterest, the winner was Julie Bigboy from California! Thank you to everyone who entered and congratulations to Julie on her beautiful pinboard that features not only beautiful barn lighting but charming home accessories that will make Julie’s new home a warm and inspiring place for her family. Join us as we have a chat with our winner!

Q: How long have you been on Pinterest?
A: I joined Pinterest in June 2011.

Q: What do you enjoy pinning and seeing on other people’s boards?
A: I love home decor ideas, DIY, crafts, and recipes.

Q: Since you’re a new homeowner, are you looking for furniture, lighting, and accessories with an eye to your new space?
A: Definitely! Home decor is my number one searchable on Pinterest! I love pinning paint colors, rugs, furniture, lighting, and window coverings along with pretty details into different boards for my “dream home.”

Q: Why did you decide to enter BLE’s Pinterest contest?
A: The designs of the lighting and other items on Barn Light Electric really spoke to the feel of the home I’d like to create.

Q: How valuable do you think Pinterest is as a tool for finding images and keeping track of them?
A: Pinterest has been an invaluable tool for me. In the past, I would lose track of ideas or have to print them out which only added to clutter and stress. Now I have all of my ideas at my fingertips and refer to them frequently.

Q: What design goals do you have for your new home?
A: The house is quite small so long term we would like to build on extra space including a larger master bedroom, office and family room. Fortunately the home had recently been remodeled so there isn’t much for us to do which can be a good and bad thing. I am not fond of the glass tile colors in the kitchen, but I have to live with them for the time being because my husband isn’t receptive to replacing brand new tile right now! But in moving from an apartment to our first house, one of the first things we want to do is add color on the walls, personalize the space with lots of photographs and art work, and make the space really warm and welcoming.


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  1. Congrats to Julie! Truly wonderful she deserves it!


  2. Betty

    Yes, we’re very excited to see how Julie’s new home takes shape!

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