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Vintage Lighting Adds Finishing Touch, Timeless Charm to Bathroom Spaces

When designing a bathroom, it’s easy to get wrapped up in tile, color, and hardware choices. But it’s wise to first consider the needs of those who will be using the space most often. Just like the kitchen, functionality and flow can make or break a bathroom design. When creating a floor plan for your bathroom or powder room, consider the following:

Recessed Sinks or Pedestal Sinks?
Sinks installed below the counters are best for those who need plenty of vanity space – whether it’s for holding soaps, towels, or just additional prep room.

Recessed sinks are more often found in modern and contemporary design schemes as are unique bowl-like sinks that simply sit on top of the counter. Pedestal sinks look great in traditional and farmhouse style bathrooms. These are great where there are wall-mounted towel racks or shelving nearby as storage space is lost with the exposed base below.

How many people will be using the bathroom?
In the master bathroom, you may want his-and-her sinks to avoid bumping into each other in the morning. The photo above has a great open layout, not only with two sinks, but with an additional vanity area on the far wall. One sink should be sufficient for a guest bathroom unless you wish to add an extra convenience for overnight guests.

While these two questions are important to ask yourself, a well-designed bathroom can be hampered by insufficient or improper lighting. Vintage Wall Sconces are an excellent choice for bathrooms as they offer timeless style and look great with many design schemes.

The lights flanking the mirrors above are similar to our Whitemarsh Bath Light. Shown in the Polished Nickel finish, the Whitemarsh looks beautiful when paired with a neutral palette such as this. It can also become an elegant lighting option for more colorful spaces that have limited wall or ceiling space.


This beautiful, tulip-shaped shade emits a wonderful glow into your room and its diminutive size makes it ideal for powder rooms or perhaps in a walk-in closet. Customize with an Old Bronze, Polished Nickel, or Antique Nickel finish.

Top photo courtesy of Forum Phi Architecture

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