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Vintage Clocks Provide Functional Artwork for Kitchen

If you’re like most people, your kitchen probably got a real workout in the last few weeks with holiday parties, family dinners, and enough baking to make Mrs. Claus proud. This kitchen looks like it would be the perfect place for whipping up some pre-New Year’s Eve goodies! Loads of vintage touches abound here with the classic subway tile, the retro containers behind the glass front cabinets, and the creamy green bowls that are just crying out for a matching jadite Ivanhoe® Aero Shallow Bowl Pendant!

We also love the classic clock on the wall. Though we are immersed in the digital age, it’s refreshing to see an old-fashioned analog clock on the wall especially in the kitchen. Our line of Vintage Timekeeping has taken inspiration from a variety of antique clocks to offer you a choice of styles from vintage station clocks to retro school clocks. There are a range of colors to choose from including red, cream, black, and even some wooden time pieces.

The 1950s Electric Schoolhouse Clock, crafted by the Newgate Clocks company in Britain, boasts a clean modern dial and a fresh faced look that is reminiscent of the old schoolhouse design. Available in chrome, gloss black, or gloss brown, this clock will make a bold statement on any wall.

In our Vintage Clocks collection, a colorful array of timepieces is offered including the Ice Cream Factory Wood Wall Clock also manufactured by Newgate. A delight for any kitchen space, this clock draws its design from the metal original which is increasingly harder to find. This lovely wooden version, available in Antique Blue or Antique Red, makes a lively alternative.

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Top photo courtesy of The Treasure Hunter

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  1. I love vintage cars,clocks,watches.These instigate a robust and classic feeling.Small things in interior household designing can change the aura and feeling factor in a room.

  2. Betty

    We think so too Keith! A vintage fixture or clock can give a space such a sense of history and style even in a brand new home. Be sure to take a look at our sister website for some beautiful antique lights!

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