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Vintage Barn Pendants Highlight Kitchen in Island Home

We’ve all thought about it. C’mon, admit it! You’d love to chuck all the excess “stuff” that tends to accumulate over the years and live more simply with less room and less stuff. Portland, Oregon interior designer Jessica Helgerson took that leap and has been living for over a year in a 540-square-foot cottage on five acres of farmland. The house, located on an island on the Columbia River, was remodeled using mostly reclaimed materials, and the family raise chickens, turkeys, bees, and grows their own food.

The minimal square footage is maximized for space efficiency with an open floor plan throughout. Here in the kitchen, a wood stove provides heat while the dining room table is well lit by three beautiful barn lights. These glass shade pendants look very much like our Homestead Pendant, part of our collection of Barn Pendants. This striking pendant has a definite vintage feel and you may have seen similar offerings on our site in the Milk Glass or Cased Glass collections.

This early-era lighting style was once a staple in factories and warehouses and, although slim at the top, the shade widens near the base to allow a wide span of light to spill out onto the surface below. The Homestead comes with five glass options including clear ribbed, frost ribbed, green, opal, and amber. Each one of these options will give your light a different look as you can see below. The cup can be finished in one of more than 50 colors and you can also customize the cup with arms and different key styles. A seven foot adjustable cord is included or you can choose a black or white cloth cord to pump up the vintage volume. No matter how you choose to customize the Homestead, it will bring instant style to your space for years to come!

Top photo courtesy of Remodelista


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