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Vented Warehouse Shades Light Up Bean-to-Bar Chocolate Production

When you sit down to enjoy a bite of dark chocolate at the end of a long day of shopping and wrapping, do you ever wonder how that delectable little morsel is made? You can find out how chocolate goes from bean to bar if you visit the Videri Chocolate Factory in Raleigh, North Carolina. Housed in an historic old warehouse, the factory was designed to allow visitors to see the entire chocolate making process from raw bean storage to roasting, winnowing, packaging, and shipping. Playing on the historic vernacular of the location, the design firm chose classic barn pendants to highlight the space.

These are very much like our Barn Light Vented Warehouse Pendant which comes in shade sizes ranging from 12″ to 18″ wide. This beautiful RLM-inspired warehouse shade has the added bonus of a vented neck that lets points of light escape over the top of the shade. This American made fixture works well in commercial settings such as this that need plenty of downward focused light with no harsh glare.

More than 20 finish colors are available for this light and you may choose between a cord hung mounting or a more formal stem mount. A cast guard and glass, in one of seven different colors or textures, can be added for a vintage look.

Another classic light featured in the chocolate factory are simple pendants crafted from Mason jars. These are much like our Ball Jar Pendant, part of our collection of Vintage Industrial Lights. These conversation starters harken back to a time when necessity and ingenuity ruled the day, and bulbs were popped into jars with simple cords to create instant light fixtures. You can dress up this utilitarian fixture with your choice of five different cords including the colorful red and white chevron cord. Add a nostalgic Edison style light bulb for some vintage flair!

Top photos courtesy of Videri Chocolate Factory

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