gooseneck barn lights

Ready or Not! The Holidays are Here!

Whether you’re just getting the lights untangled from last year or if you’ve had every decoration in place since Thanksgiving, the holidays are upon us! The build-up to this most festive season is coming to a head this weekend as shoppers scurry for last-minute deals, kids celebrate the start of vacation, and travelers head over the river and through the woods.

wall sconce

Guest Blogger | How To Use Wall Sconces to Add Character & Charm

Adding personality and charm to your home doesn’t necessarily require a total renovation or complete redecorating. Often, just a few considered touches and easy updates are enough to imbue your space with character—and the wall sconce is perhaps the easiest and most effective tool for doing so.

barn pendant lights

Featured Customer | Vented Pendant Lights Add Wow Factor to Entry

Your home either has it or it doesn’t. That special something that makes people stop in the doorway, look around, and exclaim “Wow!”

Kelli had the wow factor in her sights as she recently renovated the entryway and front hallway of her Arizona home. Kelli writes for the Lolly Jane blog with her twin sister Kristi.