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Style Me Sunday: Nostalgic Americana Dining Room

It’s Sunday morning and we have classic, whimsical spaces on the brain. We’re dreaming of the perfect place to our enjoy freshly brewed coffee and homemade banana bread…a Nostalgic Americana Kitchen! In our cozy dream kitchen, we’d opt out of the stereotypical red-white-and-blue scheme while keeping our favorite time-honored accents like graniteware and patchwork.

Let the light in with open and airy windows. Let the sun create a reflected color palette by lining salvaged wine bottles and vintage oil containers in the window pane. Fill them with fresh wildflowers and dried herbs for a natural accent.

Style Me Sunday: Whimsican Americana Kitchen

A whimsical twist on America’s iconic design trends.

Decorative, delicate fixtures like this vintage glass pendant. Milk glass works wonders for diffusing light, and you can match them with other milk glass accessories like hob-nob vases!

For a dining table, we love this Patchwork Dining table! Crafted from a sampling of light and dark reclaimed wood, this piece is reminiscent of iconic American patchwork. This piece is a fascinating work of art—perfect for musing over with that coffee.

Set your table with hand-crafted dinnerware like this set of Graniteware Dishes. Pair them with a set of screen-printed napkins like these Organic Cotton Citrus Flower-Sack Towels–aren’t they just adorable? Curl up your linens with a charming accessory like this Vintage Animal Napkin Ring. Your parents might have discouraged playing with your food, but they didn’t say abandon your napkin rings!

If this space hasn’t sparked your fancy, flourish it with other sentimental accents like DIY doily garlands, barn style wall sconces, and depression glass tumblers!

Milk Glass Pendant from Vintage Barn Lighting | Patchwork Dining table from rockymountaintableco | Graniteware Dishes from Barn Light Electric | Organic Cotton Citrus Flower-Sack Towels from Jason and Cara Hibbs |Vintage Animal Napkin Ring fromVintageInBloom


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  1. Beautiful collection of items! <3

  2. Gorgeous! I just love those blue speckled plates!

  3. And that duck napkin ring is just fabulous!

  4. I love the napkin rings!

  5. Love the look!

  6. Gorgeous collection..well done!!

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