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Rustic Wall Sconces Shed Light on Morning, Evening Routines

In the grand scheme of things, we don’t spend all that much time standing in front of the bathroom mirror each day. But oh, are those few precious minutes ever important! Good lighting in the bathroom is a must for hair, makeup, shaving, and teeth chores, but you don’t have to settle for bright fluorescent tubes that make your face take on an odd shade of green no matter what kind of night’s sleep you had!

This homeowner opted for some rustic wall sconces installed on the side walls instead of right next to the mirror. What a great way to have plenty of light without staring directly into it while you try to see what that new shade of mascara really looks like. These sconces are very similar to our Barn Light Wall Mount CGU-SS Sconce, a classic light with roots in the Atomic Era but with some rustic influences as well — perfect for a modern country home.

Available in small and large sizes, this sconce can be finished in one of 19 different finish colors. Play up the nautical influences and try a Polished Aluminum or Coppertone look. Or if your tastes are a bit more eclectic, check out the Red, Yellow, or Sage finishes. Choose from seven different glass colors to give your light even more personality.

Need something in a sleeker design for tighter spaces? Then check out the Barn Light Industrial Static WGU Topless Sconce which offers a shorter projection and the same cast guard and glass without the top. One of our most versatile rustic sconces, this American made fixture has a less than six-inch projection from the wall making it perfect for small bathrooms, hallways, and closets. Choose from two sizes and a rainbow of durable powdercoat finish colors to create a light that can suit a mid-century to modern style.

Top photo courtesy of Olga Adler Interiors and Style Tipsy

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