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Retro Pendant Style Mixed With Rustic Decor

Photo courtesy of Apartment Therapy

Long before the government’s First Time Home Buyer’s Tax Credit, the real estate market often meant that first time home buyers had to settle with a “fixer upper” home. Today, the market has fallen and even the newly constructed, multiple bedroom homes can be attained at a reasonable price. That’s where we found Apartment Therapy’s ‘Home Tour’ today.

These first timers pride themselves on character, DIY projects, and not settling for your typical cookie cutter home. With an eye for turning junk into displayable treasures, we stumbled across a photo of this kitchen – an earthy, colorful, and not your ordinary breakfast nook.

Fully covered with a retro yellow fabric, these provide a focal point for this room. The use of yellow creates a warm and inviting environment, while providing a contrasting color to the multiple tones of the reclaimed wood that lines the outside wall. This creative touch is by far the owner’s boldest creation in this DIY project allowing the 3/4 wood wall made from salvaged fence boards to stir up some rustic charm amidst the retro chic. Stay tuned for a similar project taking place in our new Barn Light Electric showroom!

Keeping with the non-traditional look, the couple chose to hang not one, but two unique pendants above the dining table. Where most people would hang one large fixture or a chandelier, their choices mirror the fun, relaxing environment carried throughout their home. Similar to our Retro CGU Pendant, this drop cord fixture assists in bouncing around natural light let in by nearby windows and light gray walls. The Retro CGU Pendant takes its design from the early 1950’s. The sleek aluminum finish keeps the look modern, but also plays into its existing industrial and mid century surroundings.

Depending on the selected size and finish, the Retro CGU Pendant starts at a mere $217.00. To match the homeowner’s style above, select a 12″ Retro CGU Pendant in a Polished Aluminum finish; the standard clear glass jars and adjustable length black cord will be included in the price. Special Acorn Glass can be custom ordered from Barn Light Electric to substitute the standard cast guard and glass feature.

As shown above: 12″ Barn Light Retro CGU Pendant, 91-Black Finish, Frosted Glass, Black Cord Hung, $217.00

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  1. I love the room you have pictured here. The colors and feel are charming. The light fixtures really add to the ambiance of that quaint little room.

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