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Retro Pendant Discovered In A 1950s Netherlands Home

Barn Light Industrial Jasper Pendant in Netherlands HomeJust like us, Kay, from her blog titled Kay Loves Vintage, has a passion for all things old. That is exactly why we were instantly excited when we happened to fall upon her blog! Her lovely abode in the Netherlands appears to have been heavily influenced by the décor of the 1950s and 60s. She keeps her blog updated with her latest and greatest vintage finds, including those from the local market in her Amsterdam neighborhood.

We originally found Kay on, where her home was featured because of its completely vintage, yet still modern, non dated feel. Our favorite thing about her home? The fabulous pendant lighting above the dining room table! The layered style of this particular modern pendant adds the ideal finishing touch, all while providing a beautiful focal point from the outside looking in!

Barn Light Industrial Jasper PendantHowever, you don’t have to be a vintage connoisseur to find a pendant like this for your home! The Barn Light Industrial Jasper Pendant is almost an exact match to Kay’s vintage pendant light. The layers on the Jasper Pendant could give your home that bit of a space age, retro look without making you feel like you are in a time warp. The customizable Industrial Jasper Pendant is available in three different sizes, not to mention over 50 various finish options! These durable, American made lights are also available with a stem-mounted option, should you want to display your latest “vintage” find on the exterior of your home for all to see.

Love this vintage, yet still modern look? Check out our Modern Pendants category on our website to browse for some more sleek lighting options! Hang any of these lights over a kitchen island or dining room table to add a hip, retro feel to your home.

Top Photo Courtesy of Kay Loves Vintage
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