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Raw Copper Pendant Adds French Country & Victorian Flare

Like our porcelain lighting, raw copper has a unique visual appeal. Copper is making a comeback with homeowners and designers and is commonly found today on range hoods and ceiling pendants within kitchens. Once considered “out of style,” it was replaced with stainless steel, but now copper products are now hotter than ever. It has a warm feeling that was once used throughout turn of the century, historic homes – which is probably why the Urban Raw Copper Pendant was featured in this Spring’s 2011 edition of Arts & Crafts Homes.

This style of copper pendant is commonly found in restaurants, boutiques, and some industrial farmhouse interiors. In the photo above, an Urban Raw Copper Pendant hangs over the front counter at one of our local bakeries. Restaurants and shops utilize the classic appearance to enhance their atmosphere and to create an environment that welcomes each and every visitor that enters.

The Urban Raw Copper Pendant is made with a 100% solid copper stem mount, fitter and canopy and happens to look great around sinks, tables and counter tops. We know each home has its own unique layout, therefore, our stem mounts lengths range from 12 to 36 inches. With this particular ceiling pendant, you’ll be able to customize the overall length.

With copper, the pendant will age gracefully and help maintain a clean atmosphere in any room where it is installed. When bacteria comes in contact with copper, it is actually killed within hours of contact – as compared to days when found on stainless steel and other finishes. As a result, there’s no need to apply disinfectants or antibacterial cleaning solutions!

In addition to the Urban Raw Copper Pendant, the rest of our vintage industrial ceiling lighting also offers several colors and styles of reproduction vintage pendants that will make great additions to kitchen counters, entryways, or work areas. The collection includes two of our most popular and unique pendants: The Minimalist Copper Pendant, with an interior copper socket and optional black wire cage, or The Mig Retro Steel Pendant, an old industrial favorite made out of recycled acetylene tank tops!

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