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Post Mount Lights Give Security Without Sacrificing Dark Skies

Ever since the first Earth Day was celebrated more than 40 years ago, there has been increased awareness on reducing pollution on our planet. We recycle, we clean up rivers, and we penalize businesses that pollute the air. Less emphasis, perhaps, has been placed on light pollution. The International Dark-Sky Association, or IDA, is the first organization to call attention to the hazards of light pollution. Their experts work with legislators, planners, and citizens to provide energy efficient options that direct light where you want it to go, not needlessly into the sky.

Business and home owners alike understand the need for lighting at night. It’s necessary for safety, security, and aesthetic purposes. But dark-sky friendly lighting doesn’t necessarily mean dark ground. By using fully shielded, light efficient fixtures aimed downward where the light is needed, you fulfill your lighting needs without causing glare and unnecessary light pollution. This light fixture, for example, found in the parking lot of an attorney’s office in North Carolina has a post-modern warehouse shade that directs light downward to the parking surface and the adjacent sidewalk without spraying light upward.

The Barn Light Electric line of Post Mount Lighting is full of fixtures that help achieve these needs. Take the P-1 Post Mount Exterior Light. Just like the Original Barn Light, this fixture has a traditional RLM warehouse shade design that collects light and casts it downward onto a dock, sidewalk, or parking lot. Other fixtures in this line, such as the P-3 Post Mount Exterior Light, have a more decorative gooseneck arm but still utilize the same warehouse shade design to cast light directly to your target area. These American made shades range in size from 16″ to a generous 24″ wide and cast a wide pool of light below. All are fully customizable with an array of choices for finish colors, pole designs, and options like cast guards, glass, and wire cages for a truly unique look.




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