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Orlando Vision House 2011 | Hallway Lighting

Barn Light Bowie Sconce and Anchorage Wall Mount Light FixtureDo you feel like you’ve seen every inch of the Vision House Orlando 2011 yet? Wrong! As you know, every room in this home is illuminated and cooled by fabulous Barn Light Electric products – pendants, goosenecks, and ceiling fans galore! Even though the floor plan is pretty open, there are still hallways in the Vision House, and these hallways are not left in the dark when it comes to our stylish lighting products.

The Barn Light Bowie Sconce (shown in the top left photo) is a great choice for a compact area that still needs some light! This mini warehouse style sconce only has an eight inch projection. Not only does this petite sconce keep with the industrial, yet rustic styling of the home, but it also features the same galvanized finish found on the Blue Collar Pendants in the kitchen and the Textile Chandelier in the dining room. This Barn Light exclusive looks great in any of our finish choices, and since it starts at a mere $79.00, this mini barn light can give any room an instant makeover at a small price!

Barn Light Anchorage Bulkhead Wall Mount Light FixtureNow, the Vision House may be located in Central Florida, however, the beach is only a short drive east or west! The designers did bring a nautical influence to the home in the form of the Anchorage Bulkhead Wall Mount Light Fixture. With a frosted, ribbed glass globe and crosshatched enclosure, this unique wall sconce supplies a soft glow to the hallway just off the mud room. Not only would this nautical sconce look great on a hall ceiling, but also add it to the exterior of your home for a beachy or modern feel – it’s rated for wet locations, so it is safe indoors or out!

Make sure you keep your eye on our blog, as there are only a few stops left on the tour of this energy efficient home!

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  1. Where are the $79.00 light you are talking about. The light you show and give a hyperlink for is $142.00. Please explain.

  2. Betty

    Hi and thanks for stopping by the blog. I think you are asking about the Bowie Wall Sconce which was featured in this blog post from 2011. The current starting price of the Bowie Wall Sconce is $87 for the six-inch shade. Six finish colors are available at this price as well. You can also order an eight-inch shade or choose from nine more colors for an additional charge. The Blue Collar Pendant, which is also mentioned in this post, is currently priced at $160. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to call or email our sales staff at or 800-407-8784. Thanks again for checking out our blog!

  3. Is the bulk head fixture a true galvanized product

  4. Betty

    This bulkhead light is an aluminum product with a galvanized finish, Linda.

  5. Hi — is the bulkhead light appropriate for outdoor use in coastal areas?

  6. I really like the Anchorage and want to put in a bunk room. Do they have individual switches? I’d like for each “bunker” to control his/her own light.

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