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Modern Wall Sconces for an Elegant Bathroom

Builder-basic homes – that’s what we like to call them anyway. You know, the string of homes scattered about a new subdivision in town? They’re built quickly and are perfect for young couples or new families wanting that new home feel without breaking their budget or having to undergo major renovations, but there can sometimes be one downfall: the lack of personalization. Sure, some construction companies do let you customize certain elements like hardware and appliances, but in the end, it’s not really a home until you can make it your own.

Builder-basic, neutral styling is perfect because it appeals to everyone who’s shopping for a home – it’s like a modern day version of a blank canvas. Check out the bathroom on the right; although it’s not beige anymore, it could have easily been at one time. With a deep toned accent wall, marble-like tile and rich wooden cabinetry, it now boasts elegance and luxury – something to make it your own without a lot of extra spending.

Let’s not forget to talk about bathroom lighting – you’re on our lighting blog remember! While the shower head does have a great gooseneck design, adding another over the vanity just wouldn’t work. Depending on what you’re considering, vintage lighting may work here, but this bathroom calls for something modern to make it really stand out. Flanking the mirror are two modern wall sconces in a finish that resembles the hardware choices. The Barn Light Omata Wall Mount Sconce is compact and while it remains snug to the wall, it provides the perfect amount of light needed for those using the vanity. The Omata Sconce is cutting edge, leading the pack of modern lamps with a modest price. Starting at $141.00 each, the Omata Sconce is available in over 35 finish options, including 7 different glass options. Frosted glass will soften the light given off and will be the perfect choice to use as your bathroom, hallway or den’s lighting.

Top Photo Courtesy of Décor Pad

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