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Modern Pendant Lights Replace Bedside Table Lamps

Hawaiian Master Bedroom Designed by Julie Sumile

Hawaii may be over 2,000 miles away from the mainland, but that doesn’t mean the interior design is lagging in this archipelago. As a matter of fact, quite a few of our customers in search of modern pendant lighting are from this popular vacation destination! Julie Sumile is an interior designer from the island of O’ahu, and judging from this master bedroom, it looks like she is on spot on when it comes to combining sophisticated design with island style.

The wide, gray striped accent wall visually increases the width of the room, while providing a calming sensation. This color scheme is carried throughout the room on the other dark gray walls. Shades of this blue-gray are also used in the bedding, along with navy blue accent pillows. Highlighting each side of the bed, is a pair of modern pendant lights that will bring the room to life in the evening. The contemporary mirror above the bed even provides guests with a sleek and unique take on the ever-popular sunburst mirror.

Amongst all the soothing cool tones, the two modern pendant lights and purple flowers give the room a contrast of color. As an alternative to typical bedside lighting, we couldn’t help but notice how her choice of modern lighting complemented the otherwise traditional bedroom. Their similarity to the Disco Cylinder Ceiling Pendant is almost a complete match! This ceiling pendant features a slightly flared cylindrical shape – available in both small and large sizes, as well as many different colors! When illuminated, the red spandex shade is just about the same hue as those show above, however, this pendant light is also available in silver spandex if you wished to keep with the monochromatic color palette.

Love the ceiling fan too? Check out the Barnstormer Ceiling Fan which incorporates the same woven palm leaf blades as the fan used today. Ceiling fans like these are perfect for those of you wishing to bring the island feel to your home, even if the only source of water nearby is your kitchen sink!

Top Photo Courtesy of Julie Sumile Interior Design

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