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Modern Ceiling Lamps for a High End, Contemporary Kitchen

In a day and age where industrial and rustic design is revered, it’s extremely refreshing to come across clean, contemporary spaces that are still in touch with high end design. Minimalistic attributes are commonly seen in uptown condos or downtown lofts, and are oftentimes accompanied with a gorgeous city view. We recognize that not everyone appreciates repurposed wood and galvanized warehouse pendants, so we try to offer a broad range of ceiling lighting selections.

While similar in design, the top two photos feature opposite color pallets. The top left boasts white cabinetry, dark counters and black seating, while the top right showcases the opposite: deep cabinets and white marble counters and stools. Likely located within the city, their square footage remains small, but their look makes a big enough impact where size doesn’t always matter. A big similarity though are their modern lighting choices.

Focusing again on the top left, notice their choice for a modern flush mount ceiling light. Seamlessly blending in with the layout, the Drum Surface Mount light lays snug to the ceiling, not distracting one’s eye or imposing on the small area. The Drum Surface Mount is available in classic finishes like polished and satin nickel to coordinate with many other color schemes, not only black and white.

While the bottom right photo begins to lean a bit into traditional tastes, a few accents like the gooseneck faucet, bar stools and ceiling lamps bring it back into contemporary. Just like the Eupora Pendant, the island lights aid in creating an intimate atmosphere some wish to have in their kitchens. The Eupora Pendant features a frosted, oval-like globe and a simple decorative stem mount to complement existing hardware. While this light is actually found within our vintage pendants collection, the design is flexible enough to work within traditional spaces, all the way though Victorian, turn of the century and the farmhouses of today.

Top Photos Courtesy of Décor Pad


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