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Mini Emblem Pendant Light for a Bathroom Makeover

While remodels and renovations are time (and budget) consuming, a simple refresh can be a quick and easy weekend project. By refresh, we’re talking about what a difference a fresh coat of paint can make on walls and doors. Consider re purposing a few items that are collecting dust elsewhere and use them as new decorations. The resident that is the proud owner of this half bath used vintage blue Mason jars, previously table centerpieces at her wedding. Surely you’ve got something sitting around that could use a new life! A bathroom refresh could run you as little as $250, a small price to pay for a seemingly brand new space, right?

Of course, a key component that gives new strength to a previously unattractive room is…. lighting! Existing vanity lights aren’t generally up to par when it comes the ideal vanity light. Often casting a yellow glow through their old glass shades, they weren’t exactly meant for bathroom lighting originally.

The look of a new pendant light contributes to the renewal of any space. The light hanging within this half bath bears a strong resemblance to the Mini Emblem Pendant, a mid-century style ceiling lamp. Shown on the right in Trans Blue, it brings together a rustic deep bowl shade with the stacked neck for an eye catching, beehive look. Incorporating a fresh ceiling light into small spaces is especially important since there isn’t much else to notice. Popular styles like the Mini Emblem Pendant, and many other tiny barn lights, have a larger counterpart with each if you were thinking about using them elsewhere. Design schemes ranging from rustic farmhouse to modern loft have all utilized our Mini Barn Lights before – indoors and out. The unique looks you can create with each are virtually endless.

Top Photo Courtesy of Design*Sponge


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