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Man Cave Necessities: Gooseneck and Pendant Lighting

Style Guide: The Perfect Man Cave

1.) Goodrich® Aero Porcelain Gooseneck Shallow Bowl Light, starting at $229.00
2.) XBox 360 250 GB Console, Radioshack $299.99
3.) Ford Mustang Emblems Framed Art, Amazon $59.99
4.) Karlstad Sofa, Ikea $899.00
5.) Barn Light Outback Warehouse Pendant, starting at $173.00
6.) Samsung 32″ Flat Screen Television, Best Buy $379.99

A female’s Spring To Do List might involve tearing out the old carpet, washing windows and re-landscaping, but the man of the house might have something different in mind.

As it turns out, we do know a thing or two about designing the ultimate man cave. If you remember, we took part in renovating Jay Leno’s garage and several other episodes of the hit show Garage Mahal — a show essentially about building man caves! So today we present you with our idea of man cave necessities, but feel free to add in your own classic cars or vintage sports memorabilia!

Naturally, for males electronics are a must. Chances are you’re going to want an Xbox 360, or a similar gaming console. For those of you without much of a budget, we recommend a vintage arcade game to really set yourself apart from ‘the guys.’ But for those of you that can settle for a simple game of Call of Duty or Red Dead Redemption, an Xbox 360 and that 32″ flat screen tv will do just fine! You can’t possibly expect to play video games standing up though, right? That’s where the affordable Ikea sofa comes into play. The soft leather is easy to clean, and will age wonderfully with all the wear and tear.

Now to finish it all off is the proper lighting. If your man cave is inside your garage, we suggest the Goodrich® Aero Porcelain Gooseneck Shallow Bowl Light. This particular gooseneck barn light looks great flanking the sides of a garage door, while adding some old world character to the exterior of your home. The Goodrich Aero would also look great over a work table, spreading ample light over your project!

Another masculine barn light that is ideal for illuminating a man cave is the Barn Light Outback Warehouse Pendant. The cast guard and glass is what makes this barn pendant unique, with the option to differentiate the cast guard from the warehouse shade. The Outback Warehouse Pendant featured above utilizes a red cast guard for a macho, rough around the edges look.

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