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Industrial Factory Carts – Own a Piece of History

(Photo above shows factory workers utilizing industrial carts)

If you’ve ever wanted to own a piece of history, our original Industrial Factory Carts might be just the item for you. During the turn of the century, the Industrial Revolution brought on massive changes, and eventually changed the way the entire world looked at manufacturing. Herds of workers flocked to the cities looking for jobs, and products and textiles instantly went from being slowly hand made, to being mass produced in mere hours. In order to transport boxes, fabric, parts, or supplies across the factory floors, workers would often use this original style of factory carts.

Made from American solid white oak, and originally purchased from North Carolina, our carts date back to the early 1900’s. At Barn Light Electric, we have meticulously restored all of our carts to bring out the natural wood finishes and showcase the reconditioned original hardware. Although completely redone, each top still proudly shows off the marks of it’s history – no two are alike! The cast iron wheels, plates, and bolts have also been cleaned and restored to show the original industrial details.

For a true, turn of the century feel, we also offer an non-restored version of the factory carts. They are each in amazing condition, some still bearing the factory stamp on the sides.

Whether choosing one of our refurbished carts, or a non-restored original cart, you will not be disappointed in the quality or craftsmanship that originally went into creating these more than 100 years ago. Although no longer used in present day factories, collectors and designers alike have started incorporating these magnificent pieces into today’s homes. The timeless look of each piece allows for use in multiple home styles – lofts, cottages, or coastal retreats.

(Photo above courtesy of Coastal Living)

Products featured on this blog can be found by clicking here. Restored Antique Industrial Factory Carts start at $799.00 and Non-Restored Antique Industrial start at $549.00. Both prices do not include shipping or freight charges.

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