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Guest Bathroom | Vintage Brass Hardware and Reproduction Lighting

If you’re one for constantly entertaining overnight visitors, then creating a stylish yet functional guest bathroom is probably a top priority for you. After all, you want them to be comfortable during their stay, right? By now you’re well aware that our blog is meant to guide you with your lighting and design choices, so today we’re willing to help you create a great guest bathroom.

First off, storage. No one can ever have too much storage, especially in this room. A bathroom is filled with tiny odds and ends that we all need throughout the day, so having a place to put them all is a must. The bathroom featured above from Southern Living is small in size, but big on storage. Open shelving provides easy access for items in the basket, while the cabinet underneath is perfect for hiding larger items like fluffy towels and bathroom tissue.

A cute, polished chrome vintage soap dish was a much better choice than store bought dispensers – we can even provide you with one (we’ve got a great line of vintage items in addition to lighting). This little piece keeps things simple, light and elegant don’t you think? Originally from Urban Archaeology, our select vintage bathroom hardware will last for years and will be appreciated by your visitors. You can also find other kinds of vintage brass hardware here too – like cabinet pulls and door knobs if you wish to accessorize your entire room.

The final touch to any room is its lighting, and the photo above is definitely a great example. The focus of light comes from the picturesque oval window, surrounded by walls of mirrors for bouncing around sun’s natural rays. Once the sun sets, the wall lighting kicks in. Vintage wall sconces like our Whitemarsh Bath Light blend with the bathroom’s traditional design scheme. Projecting its light upwards with a frosted glass shade, it truly is ideal for a small space like this as opposed to above the window where others are generally placed.

Top Photo Courtesy of Southern Living


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