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Galvanized Angle Shades Add Rugged Look to Outdoor Store

Many commercial businesses opt for track lighting to highlight displays of goods for obvious reasons. Tracks can stretch for long spans across a store, and multiple lights can be affixed at regular intervals and differing angles. Functional, yes, but a bit boring. Now, isn’t this much more interesting?!

The Nantahala Outdoor Center in Gatlinburg, Tennessee uses some track lighting to show off their tables full of outdoor gear, but they also intersperse these tracks with more appealing fixtures. Visitors are beckoned to the Guided Trips counter by four striking galvanized gooseneck lights that are similar to our Angle Shade Gooseneck Lights. These are often used in exterior locations but are just as functional indoors. The galvanized finish give a rugged feel to the fixtures which fits right in with the outdoorsy vibe of the entire store.

Angle shades are available in several sizes ranging from 7″ to 14″ wide. Once you’ve settled on a shade size, browse our broad selection of gooseneck arms to find one to give the right projection to your fixture. Adding a wire cage or a cast guard and glass to your Angle Shade will give your light a hint of vintage style.

You can give your Angle Shade one of more than 40 personalities thanks to our extensive list of finish colors. Standard colors like black, galvanized, or white are an option, but don’t miss the premium colors or the classy aluminum and brass finishes.

If you’re on a tight timeframe to get a job completed or have a tight budget, be sure to check out our line of Discount Barn Lighting where you will find the All Weather Gooseneck Angle Shade. This American made fixture gives you the same functionality as our classic Angle Shade, but with slightly fewer options. Shipping in five days or less, these are a great way to save some time and money without sacrificing quality!

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