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Gaining A Presence With Accent Lighting


You can’t always buy a great menu, but you can definitely buy charm. Possibly the most understated and overlooked aspect of a restaurant is the focus, or lack thereof in most cases, put on the exterior of a restaurant. Many restaurateurs fail to take advantage of this powerful tool and are unsuccessful in creating an inviting appearance for their restaurant. By shifting the focus toward the outward appearance of the building, this allows the establishment to have the ability to attract new customers into the doors without tasting one bite of food. Going beyond color schemes, creating a theme is crucial, and highlighting this theme at night is extremely important since most restaurants turn a significant portion of their profit at night. The next challenge is to create a warm atmosphere during the day, as well as night, with lighting that reflects the theme outside and provide a functional complimentary light around the business. In the featured picture this Central Florida BBQ Restaurant carried the theme from their menu to the exterior walls, creating a southern inspired BBQ Pit. Punctuating the bold red walls and brick outside is the use of a series of 8″ galvanized wall sconces that provide an aesthetic appeal that is complimentary in daylight and inviting at night. If this rustic appearance is what you desire, you can achieve the same look with the use of an Austin Wall Sconce. The Austin Sconce comes with a wide spectrum of finishes available and the option for an 8” or 10” warehouse shade that is a reflection of the classic warehouse shades used in the 1940’s. This American made light is hand crafted and perfectly suited for either interior or exterior applications that may require the well rounded charm of this durable performer. If your menu speaks for itself, but you long for more traffic then the Austin Sconce could be the building block to your renovation; bringing in more customers and creating a buzz that transcends expectations.

Doorway Wall Sconce

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