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Featured Customer | Michelle from Eldridge, IA

Remember the simple and chic master suite we showed you yesterday? Would you believe that it’s found in the same home as this industrial style farmhouse dining room? You bet it is – it’s the home of Michelle from Décor and the Dog. Michelle happened to be the lucky winner of our $1000 gift certificate and chose only the best ceiling fans and American made light fixtures for her home. It’s no easy task deciding on which of our lights will look best, even for the most design savvy customers.

Previously in Michelle’s dining room you would have found a big box store chandelier and a more contemporary style dining table. Now, with the selection of a wooden farmhouse table and rugged factory chairs, her new dining room is given the unique character only viewed within home design magazines.

Michelle and Nate opted to include the Barn Light Laramie Pendant into their new dining room plans. As opposed to the previous ceiling light, the Laramie Pendant only casts light downwards, in the original style of vintage RLM lights. While it doesn’t quite illuminate the entire room in the evening, it does create a warmer, more intimate dining atmosphere – which is especially great for the upcoming holiday seasons. Another unique feature of Michelle’s Laramie Pendant was her finish choice; generally customers will choose a neutral finish such as galvanized or black, however, the couple went with vanilla cream – a perfect choice considering the off white window treatments and door trim.

How come the Laramie is such a huge hit with our customers? For starters, it’s a distinctive light fixture for an array of design schemes, not to mention the same shade is also available as gooseneck light and a wall sconce too. When Spring rolls around again, the young couple may wish to place the same style of lights outside on their connecting back patio.

Top Photo Courtesy of Décor and the Dog

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