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Featured Customer | Meredith from Boston, MA

Garage lighting is an important part of your home’s exterior that shouldn’t be overlooked. With gooseneck lighting or our discount warehouse lighting, you can create an inviting, safe and secure atmosphere around your garage.

We received a customer photo where two Barn Light Colt Sconces were installed by our featured customer – Meredith, an inspired designer near Boston. Meredith opted for the 12″ shade in Painted Rosewood, one of more than 30 other finishes finishes available for The Colt Sconce. The classic styles found with The Colt are the perfect addition to the carriage house/ barn-style garage that attaches to their home. On Meredith’s blog,, she described the simple charm of The Colt Sconce:

“I think they look like they’ve always been there, or should have been! Just adds a little more character to the outside along with some much needed light. And at night it’s much more inviting.”

The Colt Sconce boasts one of the most versatile styles of all the Barn Wall Sconces sold at Barn Light Electric Co.®. Two ornamental, curved arms connect the shade and neck together and give The Colt a rustic appearance. Its design combines both contemporary and western influences (two of the most creative eras in history). Plus, this fixture has a timeless appeal and style that transcends eras! Additional notable features on The Colt include its curvaceous spindled neck, ornate flowing lines, and sleek flared shade.

To fit the unique spacing needs of your garage wall, The Colt is available in three different shade sizes: 12″, 14″ and 16″, with an optional cast guard and glass available for purchase. This Barn Wall Sconce is UL Rated for wet, outdoor environments or can be brought indoors for placement above bathroom vanities or kitchen sinks. Like we noted above, more than 30 additional features are available for this wall sconce. Its universal design can combine with numerous finish options to bring a rustic, industrial or traditional style to your home!

Want to become our next featured customer on our blog? Send in your project photos using your favorite Barn Light Electric Co.®lights!

Photos Courtesy of Meredith at ViewFromMyHeels.blogspot

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