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Featured Customer | Galvanized Gooseneck Light Adds Fun Element to New Barn Home

As a young girl, Kelly often dreamed of designing her own home. Today, she is happily married and living on a farm in northern Indiana where her husband’s great grandparents raised seven children. This land is where Kelly, with the help of AC Builders, finally created the home of her dreams — a red pole barn house with a huge farm shop attached. Kelly didn’t carry the barn theme throughout the whole house, but she wanted to bring the exterior look to at least one room inside. She chose the half bath off her new kitchen to highlight with some classic gooseneck barn lighting.

“This little bathroom was perfect because it’s the bathroom everyone uses when they visit and it’s always a fun surprise for them to see it for the first time,” Kelly says. “I grew up playing in our old barn and I collect barn antiques, so I wanted a space to display some of my antiques that brought me back to my childhood.” Kelly chose a 14″ Outback Gooseneck Light to highlight the apron front sink and mirror. The galvanized finish blends well with the corrugated tin wall, and the red guard Kelly chose adds a nice splash of color.

“There was something about the galvanized finish that just makes the red guard pop out at you drawing your attention straight to the fixture,” Kelly explains. “It draws your eye right into the room and makes you instantly feel like you’re in an old barn.” The American made Outback Gooseneck comes in five shade sizes and a rainbow of finish colors ranging from traditional hues to more modern tones. It’s wet rated so you can install this light inside or out to add instant barn charm.

“I wanted something you typically don’t find inside a home and that would set the mood for the space,” Kelly says. “I couldn’t have found anything more perfect than this. I had a vision and Barn Light Electric brought my vision to life.”

Photos courtesy of Kelly, author of the blog Old Blue Silo

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  1. Nice write up. I’ve been in that bathroom and it is gorgeous. Kelly’s home reflects her love of antiques and she has displayed them with taste and a creative flair that is hard to beat. Great job.

  2. Betty

    Thanks Kay! It’s great that you’ve had the chance to see this beautiful space in person!

  3. I love Kelly’s home. You walk in and it reflects her personality and style. The entire house just flows so well and you’re always looking around to see what new stuff she has added. I’m guilty of “ooooing and aahhhhhhing”. Any room in this house is blog worthy, that’s for sure!!!

  4. Betty

    That’s great to hear Nicole! We can wait to see more of Kelly’s home. Look for another post on Wednesday!

  5. I love Kelly & Dan’s home! I am married to the builder that built this house:) He loved building for Kelly & Dan, They always knew exactly what they wanted & had pictures to show him, so between Kelly’s creativeness & my husbands talent to build & install, this is an amazing home!!

  6. Betty

    Thanks Eileen for stopping by! The home is simply stunning and with all of the creative details, it truly is a gem!

  7. I love it and think its wonderful would love to have it for my own home will try and use it in my guest bathroom.

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