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Featured Customer | Capstone Dwellings in Comox Valley, BC

Just like the interior of your home, the outer portions should also be a reflection of who you are. What that means is that you need to bring the same look that you have indoors, out. When someone pulls into your driveway, what do you want that first impression to be of?

Capstone Dwellings | Design Build, based in British Columbia, Canada, specializes in building a home for you, the unique homeowner. While this particular home today has relatively traditional lines, the exterior materials used make it edgy and modern. Because of their modest budget, extreme creativity was used to get the most bang for the buck – something we can all relate to, right?

Metal siding is paired up with cherry wood trim to make the face of the home contrast against the towering forests in the background. Also, an easily maintainable yard consists of rock and gravel so one will never have to break out the lawnmower on the weekend! It’s an absolute definite that this home has taken elements from the railroad era; from the wooden beams, to the gravel found by the tracks, all the way to the retro pendant in the eaves of the entryway.

That ceiling light happens to be the CGU Retro Pendant, one of our most unique rustic pendant lights. Bethany of Capstone Dwellings made the wise choice to use a weathered copper finish; the clear coat over the shade makes it somewhat weather proof, but a natural aged patina will start to appear over time. As opposed to commonly used outdoor iron lanterns or flush mount lights, this rustic railroad pendant fully contributes to the unique home’s design.

If you’re interested in the CGU Retro Pendant, but not sure if it will work in your space, no need to worry! Over 40 different finishes and various mounting options help to it perfect for any area – whether minimalistic modern or industrial farmhouse. If you plan on hanging it outside, always remember that the stem mount option is a must in order to protect the wiring from moisture.

Photography Courtesy of Crystal Clear Photography

Designer/Builder: Capstone Dwellings Design-Build

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