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Featured Customer | 2012 BLOG Winner Uses Winnings in Home Remodeling

Each year, Barn Light Electric holds a B.L.O.G. contest — that’s Barn Light Online Giveaway — where we ask bloggers to browse our website, pick out their favorite lights, then tell their readers why they would love them in their own home. Our 2012 first place winner was Rachel who blogs at Maybe Matilda. She and her husband are updating a mid-90s home and infusing it with their own style. Rachel is aiming for the inviting and comfortable look of a country farmhouse so barn lighting fits her style perfectly. And as it turned out, Rachel won our B.L.O.G. contest — on her birthday!

“I entered the contest on a whim,” she says, “and it was the best birthday present I could have gotten!” Rachel chose our Mayfield Semi-Flush Ceiling Light for the family room, replacing a dark, low-hanging ceiling fan fixture.

“The room looks so much brighter and more spacious now,” Rachel says. “It helps our family room look about twice the size and gives it a great vintage look.” In the combined kitchen and dining area, Rachel tore out the builder-grade beige carpets, knocked down some walls, demolished the baby blue kitchen countertops, and said goodbye to dated brass fixtures to help bring the space, as she says, into the next century. The result is an updated, more functional layout.

“It’s been a ton of work to do all of the remodeling ourselves on a limited budget,” Rachel explains, “but we’ve loved seeing the house come together and start to reflect our style and feel like a home.” In the kitchen, Rachel chose a barn ceiling pendant that we no longer carry but you can get the same look with the Baylor Pendant Light which has a classic retro look with loads of finish options. In the dining room, Rachel chose a complementary barn chandelier to tie the rooms together. The American made Star Barn Pastoral Chandelier is similar to the one Rachel chose with five warehouse shades instead of three. Rachel chose a satin steel finish on both fixtures to add a vintage touch and to match the hardware and stainless sink in the kitchen.

“I love that the lights add so much personality to our home,” Rachel says. “The barn lights make such a statement and add so much charm to the house. It doesn’t look like a boring, builder-grade house anymore. It looks like a well-loved, personalized home with plenty of personal style.”

Photos courtesy of the homeowner

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  1. Thank you so much for the feature! I’m crazy about my Barn Lights. They’re so charming and classic, and add so much personality to my house. I feel so lucky that I won!

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