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Creating A Window To The World

For centuries sailors and ship patrons have benefited from the use of portholes to reduce the claustrophobic feeling that can often be experienced when below deck. The use of portholes continues today with the latest cruise ships that come out of port, providing natural lighting and a glimpse out to the open waters below. Taking a page out of the maritime handbook, this series of nautical wall sconces focus on eliminating the closed space and darkness that often plagues rooms with little light or no windows. By providing lighting through the convex glass domes of this series of marine lights, the impression of sunlight permeating through is achieved with rustic style and solid American craftsmanship. Each light in this series comes in various sizes and styles to fit any desired mounting location with a choice of high quality finishes to set these lights apart from other nautical lights on the market.

Based on the classic design of the bulkhead wall mount lights that hung on the walls of frigates and cruisers from the mid 20th century, bulkhead light fixtures add a slight touch of marine influence to any room with their charming domed shape and robust construction. This timeless design is identified by its small slender size, making the Admidships Bulkhead a perfect fit for door side mounting due to its subtle size. Following the theme of small sized bulkhead fixtures, the Anchorage Bulkhead Wall Mount Light offers many of the same features but in a rounded porthole configuration. This light’s unmistakable appearance makes it a favorite for homeowners that wish to add a touch of maritime inspiration to their hallways and closets.

For those long stretching blank walls, the cure for this may require a larger more refined alternative to the bulkhead wall lights. Treated as if it were a piece of art, the Neptune Wall Mount Light showcases a frosted ribbed glass lens protected by a large guard. It is similar to the Anchorage in design, but enlarged to a 15” diameter with smoothed features that make the Neptune perfect for adding light to any dark or barren environment. Identical to the Neptune, the Nautilus Wall Mount Light shares the same attributes with one distinct difference, there is no guard protecting the glass shade. These large lights allow areas with no windows such as basements to open up, turning a dark and stuffy room into a warm and inviting area. The historic appeal and enduring charm of these classic ship lights still conjure up vision of open waters and rolling seas creating a calming environment that can soothe the most anxious of people.

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