Contemporary Marine Lighting for Docks & Boathouses

With the right marine lighting, a boat ride on the river or a quiet night along the waterfront can become even more relaxing. Barn Light Electric offers a collection of affordable marine lighting that helps create a safe and welcoming environment for docks, boathouses and pools.

Like many of our discount barn lights, today’s featured imported nautical lighting combines classic and modern designs to give customers the ability to purchase their desired lighting at an affordable cost! Lights with these distinctive designs include the Indian River Marine Light (first photo), which features a frosted, opal glass shade, and the Mosquito Lagoon (second photo).

Named after a lagoon that stretches along the East coast of Florida, the Mosquito Lagoon has an inner stainless steel body and brushed stainless finish to add both durability and styles to each light. Both of these nautical lights are slim enough to mount on a ceiling or utilize as a wall sconce. Thanks to their grid like features and contemporary chrome and stainless finishes, these pieces can be utilized within waterfront settings or modern, urban homes.

The Captiva Pass Marine Light (shown on the right), is ideal for lighting pathways around your boat house, pool, or stairway down to the dock. It’s made with an aluminum frame around a linear prismatic glass diffuser that aims light downward onto walking surfaces.

If you’re searching for marine light with a traditional design, consider the Admidships Bulkhead Wall Mount Light Fixture or the bargain hunter’s favorite, the Nautical Marine Bulkhead Light, which starts at $37.95. Both of these lights have an oval shape and grid-like appearance based on the first versions that were first used aboard ships in the early 1900′s. However, this style of lighting has made an appearance in recent months around residential homes. Their symmetrical grid has taken these lights from nautical to contemporary in no time. Mirroring our cast guards that can be added to many barn lights, the grids found on marine lighting add a somewhat industrial feel with their ability to guard the nearby shade and bulb. When available, select a galvanized, satin steel, or black finish.

To see how nautical lights are used in this fashion, read our blog post titled: Breathe New Life Into Your Mid-Century Cottage With Nautical Lighting.

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