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American Made, Reproduction Lighting Makes a Comeback

WithAmerican made lighting, you aren’t limited in terms of quality or styles to select from. After all, our country was once founded on the basis of creating individuality amongst everyone, so why would you want to go with the norm in regards to your home or office lighting? Today, there are so many distinct and remarkable options to choose from, you won’t have to settle for anything imported.

For an elegant powder room or small kitchen, the Minimalist Polished Brass Pendant is a personal favorite. Available with a coordinating wire cage or installed as a simple bare socket fixture, the Minimalist Pendant emanates American nostalgia from the Industrial Revolution. At this point in our history, the focus was solely on functionality and less on style. We’re willing to bet that the original manufacturers of industrial lighting would have never thought their factory lamps would make their way into our homes around the world.

Also along these lines is the Benjamin® Signal Porcelain Pendant. This stem mount lamp features two 17” Bomber shades and will give off more than enough lighting for spacious, open areas. Its durable, long lasting characteristics date back to the same Industrial Revolution time frame and today remain welcome additions to commercial workshops needing an abundance of overhead lighting.

Taking a slight turn from industrial to Victorian, the Barn Light Moss Pendant is an elegant and tastefully designed American made light. Acorn shaped pendant lights aren’t new to the lighting scene by any means – similar fixtures have been spotted in old photographs and antique shops all over. With our Moss Pendant, you’re able to fully customize it, from the finish on the cap to the cord length. It is even available as a decorative wall sconce to keep a balanced and uniform look throughout your bungalow or Tudor home.


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