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Adjustable Glass Sconces That Pump Up Rustic Beauty

Adjustable reading lamps aren’t just for bedroom lighting anymore. Sure, this daybed utilized them too, but that isn’t their only function. Because of the unique nature of designs like our Exeter Wall Sconce, these jointed and movable lamps are being used to replace Par Lights and Angle Shades within residential settings.

Above, a light fixture akin to the Exeter Wall Sconce, shines down onto the wooden wall. The kind words written by Plato are meant to be highlighted, and are something that the designer in this showcase wished to impend on everyone who passed through.

To complement and highlight your favorite features throughout your home, we recommend the Exeter Glass Shade Sconce. The frosted glass lets light escape through the shade itself, not just downward. Not only is the Exeter a unique light fixture because of its appearance, but also because of its versatility.

A daybed like this one is an interesting alternative to traditional sofas and armchairs typically found within the living areas of your home. Just like the wall sconces themselves, daybeds are versatile in the sense that it can be used as seating for kids and adults, but also as a secret reading nook or a guest bed when space is limited. While everyone is relaxing, handy shelves are available to set drinks, snacks or the remotes. With the flip of a switch, the vintage style lights can be turned on to read by, or off to set the mood for a weekend movie night.

If you look online, you’ll find that the Exeter Sconce is available in several traditional style finishes – Old Bronze or Antique and Polished Nickel. This allows it to seamlessly blend in with the already existing hardware and decor in your home. If you prefer a matching, solid metal shade, they too can be ordered here.

Top Photo Courtesy of Katydid and Erin Martin Design

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