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A Simple Chandelier for Contemporary Design

A modern home doesn’t have to incorporate metallics and opulence all around. Modern or contemporary design is actually about simple finishes, tones, and décor. The room shown above, designed by Jeff Lewis of Bravo TV’s series Flipping Out, does just that.

By starting with a neutral palette of off white walls and cool dark wood floors, the décor of this room can be changed easily or frequently if desired. Not only does the neutral base of the room allow for easy change, but the slip covered dining chairs and leather sofa can tie themselves in as well. The open floor plan works well with the pitched ceiling, however, there is something to keep in mind in regards to an open dining and living room.

When designing around this open concept, it is best to keep everything as simple as possible – after all, that is what modern design is all about. Notice how the centerpiece on the dining table is kept minimal; it’s careful to not distract from any other focal points a homeowner may want to incorporate. In this case, it’s their artwork hanging on the wall.

Another simplistic feature of the dining room is the chandelier. This five-light modern chandelier utilizes a polished finish and minimalistic construction. This also allows for décor to be changed in and out without clashing with the lighting. The term chandelier often leads people to think of ornate, crystal embellished light fixtures, however, we carry everything from industrial to modern styles.

Similar to this chandelier is a popular one found in our Vintage Chandeliers category. Be careful not to let the category name fool you though, as the Morgan Chandelier looks amazing in even the most contemporary spaces. Almost identical to the chandelier shown in the photo above, the Morgan is available in a three, six or nine light options. Both polished nickel and old bronze finishes are great for ever changing décor or home resales; they remain neutral and are always looking high end.

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